I do not want to go again I want to go again .

Graduation trip is my first overseas trip.

Graduation trip is my first overseas trip. Hotel with cheap airline ticket and first night only. Afterwards a trip while searching for accommodation destinations on site. I think that there was also a side that could avoid danger because it was a mixed group of men and women, but it may be that it was ""a dangerous overseas trip"" when I look back on it now. I will make a phone call from a public phone with a guide book. Intentionally in Japanese, in order from the cheapest inn. Then, even if you write ""Japanese ready"", you can distinguish whether it is an inaccessible place to communicate, or whether you can communicate in Japanese. However, we were not able to confirm whether the accommodation was a safe place in the city center. I was doing an easy conversation with ""I can do something if I can communicate in Japanese"". In a group of six people, I moved on foot with rolling suitcases all together. Unfamiliar spectacle not to get used to traveling. Not only a wallet must be taken, but everyone is hanging with a strap under the clothes. Because clothes are layered so far, I thought that this was fine. The local people spoke to us in English. Like selling goods of souvenirs, refusing to speak in one piece English, this makes me feel like traveling abroad! I was wondering where I was thinking ""in your wallet, under your clothes, be careful"" in Japanese. I can tell by seeing the viewers. It seems that it was a typical elegant Japanese. It seemed that security was bad as I was walking. I regretted. Of course, it is not possible to respond instantly to the locality. There is no overseas travel experience nor overseas residence experience so much. Still, thanks to the local people's attention, I began to observe the surroundings more. Fortunately, I was able to successfully complete the move to the accommodation destination. So again, confirmed safe streets and streets with bad security situation to the owner of the inn. Take advice and explore the city again. Although local people regularly watched supermarkets and clothing items seeking everyday items regularly, it is still a good memory, but even now I look back, ""I did not realize it was dangerous though it was dangerous ""I ask myself that I was traveling abroad.

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