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Equality, reparations & an end to violent, intrusive Government Legislated exploitation in the guise of medicine

Looking towards ending over 200 years of exploitation for the purpose of forced human experimentation perpetrated by psychiatrists under government legislation for obscene profits off the bodies of over quarter of the world's population, and, gaining immediate and much needed reparations.


It does not matter what the perpetrators of violence call their violence, medicine or advancements in scientific exploration, or care. The arbitrary detention and  24/7 indefinite torture, the discrimination on the basis of perceived disability, that is human traits of cognitive and social diversity, in order to exploit people in this manner is the most horrific thing you can do to any person.


Ask yourself, if you have not done anything to stop this government legislated violence: how can you live with yourself knowing you have done nothing to stop this abuse of your people?


For victims of psychiatrists, know that this site is put together by a VOP, who is a 4th Generation Atheist, and ipso facto is not affiliated with any church-funded/ based organisation, pharmaceutical organisation, or medical organisation.


VOPs want no more forced and coerced psychiatry. This support for VOPs must happen quickly, awareness must grow swiftly, politicians must start pushing for abolition of forced psychiatry, equality before the law, reparations for victims of psychiatrists, apologies for this happening; mainstream-media must come on board, society must recognise what they've done, how they've been tricked and come to terms how they could ignore such horrendous abuse for so long.

Forced Human Experimentation is not okay

You’ve got to say it is not okay.


Equality before the Law

Is all we are asking for

Equality before the Law

Is not much to ask for.


Forced human experimentation is disgusting

You shouldn’t allow your governments to legislate such a thing...


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Initially NO is a VOP, Global activist for human rights, visual artist, author and can knock together some lyrics/ tunes/ chords (though is happy for a musician of clout and competence to cover her compositions with their amazing skills.)

LET OFFICIALS KNOW Victims of Psychiatrists HAVE A VOICE!

Free Bendigo VOP from forced electrocution under General Anesthetic!

NJE & PBU won!

They will not be forcibly maimed by the State of Victoria through forced ECT


#Freedom4NJE #VOP

The Supreme Court heard the appeal on

August 14 and 15

Final Decision by Justice Bell is yet to be heard.


Read about NJE & PBU's plea for freedom from torture on Bendigo Advertiser Legal Aid Explainer here


Why is it that the public can read an article like that and see that a person is being electrocuted until they agree to take clozapine. Why cannot the public, that walks past people when they protest in the street, that reads articles such as this, where a woman is being tortured, and yet they're not doing anything to stop her being electrocuted under GA, not doing anything to stop her being forced to agree to 'the death drug' clozapine, under the duress of further electrocution.


#EqualityBeforeTheLaw where is that?


This is a disgusting crime that Australia does.


This is disgusting Forced Human Research.


Clearly this woman, is being discriminated against on the basis of perceived disability, her human traits, cognitive and social diversity. But this discrimination means she's arbitrarily detained and torture 24/7 indefinitely. That's far worse than discrimination, it is persecution, exploitation, invasive, cruel, maiming, murdering human experimentation.


What a ridiculous farce to rival Nazi Courts!

#Freedom4NJE #VOP


Make some NOISE!


Do people understand how insulting it is to be told you don't understand what the torturous procedure the psychiatrists propose is 'good for you'? When a person says no, they don't want to be electrocuted and injected with General Anesthetic to make the suffering to their body look less horrific than it is, then the Courts then order that person to be electrocuted, that's not a democratic rule. That's a torturous persecution, a dictatorship of a person. Demanding a person adhere to torture without any kind of resistance.


What? What does a person do to deserve to be tortured in Victoria, Australia?


Nothing. The courts and psychiatrists call it 'Treatment'.


It should not matter what the perpetrating psychiatrists and their coterie call it. Plenty of people know that to be electrocuted under GA, is not something they want to do, against their will, indefinitely, and have their State legislate this violence.


But, see...

Human Research is very lucrative for the Australian Government. I hear there's a grant out there from a pharmaceutical company to test all sorts of pulses this way and that and see what's best. Best for who and for what?

The woman from Bendigo say 'No!' she did not want to be electrocuted under GA. She did not want your pricks stuck in her either. What are you doing to her? This is a really, really violent act perpetrated by the Australian Government. STOP IT!


I hear there's a very lucrative research grant out there for Clozapine, oh yes they want to revitalise the image of that drug, with another Australian trial. Australian psychiatrists know how to get their victims into complete compliance with anything they wish to do to them. The Australian Government is all for it, very lucrative for the economy.


Who are you murderers that are okay with this? Get out of here!


#Freedom4NJE #VOP

The Supreme Court will hear the appeal on August 14 and 15.


Don't let her die from from this State Violence.




Absolute Prohibition of Forced Treatment & Commitment


Read about the need to implement the United Nations CRPD and abolish forced psychiatry.



CHRUSP is looking for board members and would like to hear from people who have ideas of how we can fundraise to expand work and hire staff.


CHRUSP focuses on advocacy and capacity-building in international human rights to achieve legal capacity for all, abolition of psychiatric detention and forced/nonconsensual interventions, and the creation of supports that respect personal integrity and free will.


Please see website

 and these pages in particular to understand areas of interest and current work:



UN OPCAT, to be ratified

Dec 2017.

Let officials know that psychiatrists intentionally cause cruelty, dehumanise us, and deliberately increase the pain thresholds (in their forced drugging, 4-point-fetters, electrocution under GA, detention period, isolation, deprivation of books/ pens, deprivation of food for 'fasting bloods'... etc) when we won't comply with the drug or procedure they are pushing, that they increase the thresholds of pain knowingly, to gain compliance. That is torture, it is done to extract compliance, so that psychiatrists can tick the 'agreed to take the drug' box when submitting their human research paper to the sponsors.


Contributions from VOPs & allies, on the guideline questions posed at part 5.1 of AHRC Consultation Paper

- Ms Initially NO (name of author)

- Glenn Floyd (name of author)

- Johnnybe realgood (pseudonym)




It is no secret that Australians are being used forcibly for human experimentation.


This is State Violence, tell your local MP you are not going to put up with medicos consenting to human experimentation on behalf of a person sectioned under a Mental Health Act. When a person is conscious, they are able to communicate. When a person goes to the trouble to write an Advanced Directive it must be respected, but it isn't under Mental Health Acts.








... and other States/ Territories and places in the world.

Victims are not ‘users’ of perpetrators. To have a false idea perpetuated in governing bodies that are meant to oversee corruption and abuse, to have a false idea that there are only ‘users’ of a system designed for exploitation, that arbitrarily detains and tortures 24/7 indefinitely, escalating the torture on those who do not submit and adhere, escalating pain-thresholds of human endurance until the person breaks down and submits to agree to the perpetrator’s wishes to perpetrate that false idea that victims are users of those perpetrating violence is horrendous. There are no ‘users’ of such violence upon their person. It is just such a ridiculous notion to say a victim asks for what they are assaulted with. Those who are government funded to do forced psychiatry are the exploiters. The exploited are not users or consumers of the forced psychiatry, that kind of horrendously violent, diabolically cruel exploitation can never be a consumer market.


 Hand-in-hand with the government, psychiatrists’ exploitation racket is designed to get overseas investments for human experimentation, forced human experimentation. ‘The clinical trials sector is worth around $1 billion per annum to Australia with direct foreign investment of over $450 million per annum. The pharmaceuticals industry has estimated that pharmaceuticals clinical trials alone are worth $450 million each year in Australia,’ pharmaceutical representatives of human research boasted in 2011.


The victims of this exploitation are told again and again that they must be agreeable to the treatment. These victims are agreeing under massive duress of 24/7 indefinite torture inflicted on them by government funded and legislated forced psychiatry. The cruelties inflicted are horrific for even one minute of enduring them, let alone knowing the 24/7 abuse is indefinite and the more the victim challenges the oppressing psychiatrists treatment, the more the poisons injected in will increase in dosage, additional electrocution will be added, isolation, increased dehumanisation, verbal disfiguring, interrogation, indoctrination, deprivations and fettering of limbs.


The person oppressed by torture, is not a user of torture, they are a victim, and though they may be a survivor, if the focus is on survivors, never victims, then those who fought and died are never acknowledged. Those whose potential is ruined by psychiatrists are not even given much thought, and the persecution, torture and oppression of victims is all too easily dismissed with victim-blaming mentality, that reverses the truth of the exploitation racket.


 No one enjoys saying that what was done to them has destroyed their life, especially people who fight, and don’t get totally destroyed, they get redirected down a very harsh, unpopular and financially unrewarding path of activism.


When life’s paths are blocked-off due to a person not being allowed to tell the truth of government legislated medico exploitation – that’s when a person should think about starting to use the word ‘victim’, because they are a victim of oppression.


Until the oppression shifts, the continual crushing of abilities, threats, violent exploitation and silencing will continue. Members of society (that have been taught to victim-blame, silence and oppress) need to start reaching out, supporting and enabling the oppressed to be acknowledged, heard, seen, made sense of, rather than attempting to speak for those they dub ‘voiceless’ (when talking over the top of some very loud voices, that have much to say when allowed, rather than denied, abused, threatened and belittled for speaking the truth). People must stop dismissing the outrage the victim suffered and is suffering and desperately trying to communicate. To dismiss victims of psychiatrists as ‘medical complaints’, is one of many ways the victims of psychiatrists continue to be silenced, and the corrupt medico-government exploitation racket continues.


Is there any limits to the pain-thresholds psychiatrists can inflict on persons that stand-strong and continue to say they have human rights? Even when a person dies, the data gathered from their exploitation by government legislated medico exploitation is sold and resold as ‘science.’


Who are the people that have lived in this society and have done nothing to stop this diabolical exploitation racket continuing? Too many, for too long, over 200 years too long. How cowardly is our society? How easily people just take to the propaganda, that can easily be seen for what it is, given the history of this government-medico exploitation racket. What kind of fools are the people that allow this to go on and on and on?


It is not ‘medicine’ just because the perpetrating psychiatrists say it is. This torture for the purposes of lucrative human experimentation is what Psychiatric Treatment is. The systematic cruelties are not inflicted by rogue psychiatrists, this is the Government Legislated Psychiatrists exploitation racket that’s been going on over 200 years too long, that is called ‘Mental Health Care’.


There is no way of reforming exploitation, it has to be stopped. No one is a USER of psychiatrists. If they say they are, it is only to be compliant, so that they are not subjected to more torture, oppression, denial, ostracization. The person who says they are a USER or CONSUMER, does it to please and they will continue to do so until there is another paradigm within which they can feel safe enough to survive without submitting and complying with violation. Exploitation is not a consumer market for those being exploited by force, or coercion that force will be used if they do not submit their bodies to be used by the exploiters. You cannot hold a person down and inject them with your product and demand that they agree it is good for them and increase the dose of the product that causes the person intense suffering, intense harm, and intentionally increase the dose or add other kinds of torturous ‘treatments’ until that person submits to your will, then call that person a ‘consumer’ of your product. Yet, that’s exactly what psychiatrists hand-in-hand with government legislators and those commissioned to resolve and manage do. And, that is bloody ridiculously cruel, absolutely false concocting of public opinion to oppress victims further into a ‘consumer burden’ status.


The MHCC tell me that they only look at complaints from ‘users’ of ‘publically funded mental health services’. Users of psychiatrists? Where do these people get off calling victims that! Persecution-factory more like it. To be complicit in this exploitation racket, how disgusting! You’re afraid you’ll lose your job? Unless you’re being tortured, or under threat of potential torture, you’re part of the problem, particularly when the organisation you work for is set-up to sweep all the exploitation into the ‘medical complaints’ basket, and summarily dismiss the diabolical cruelty inflicted on victims by high-paid government-funded psychiatrists, as ‘consumerism’, when people who are subjected to forced psychiatry have no rights under consumer law as far as choosing to stop being subjected to torture.


Humans do not enjoy being tortured, they just do not want it, torturing a person the way psychiatrists do, is painful and is a slow death and maiming, without any kind of financial or social benefits. But yes, it is very easy to silence and victim-blame those who are exploited by psychiatrists and get them to submit to a term like ‘user/consumer’ if that is the only way they can survive the totalitarian dictatorship of their lives, that the rest of the population chooses not to recognise because they are not currently being oppressed by it.


If everyone was free to protest, then you’d see victims of psychiatrists in the street crying for freedom. When VOPs are not free, they’re trying to gain freedom and the most likely path to freedom, for a VOP, at the moment, is by pretending compliance. To openly defy psychiatrists you cannot be on a Treatment Order, financially and/or socially disenfranchised. To openly protest against psychiatrists you cannot be vulnerable in your workplace to dismissal for your activism. In effect rarely does a VOP have the right to protest without a very real threat of swift arbitrary detention and torture in the guise of care and medicine, when someone who knows they can be got at reports them for their activism. Any kind of criticism, protest and resistance to psychiatrists treatments is trained into nurses, medicos and social workers to be a ‘sign of being unwell.’ VOPs are literally not allowed protest without that being diagnosed when they are on treatment orders.


People must start standing with VOPs who are free enough to protest. Start making noise, particularly if someone is speaking out when a person is being arbitrarily detained and tortured.


The compliance pathway must not continue, its path to potential freedom, is not a pathway to follow, it is a perpetuation, a covering-up, a fearful shutting-down of the truth, and leaves a person open to the threat of forced psychiatry the rest of their life. Forcing people on mass to pretend compliance, or be indoctrinated into compliance is a massive silencing and victim-blaming that keeps Mental Health campaigns floating their disgusting scum propaganda funded by the bodies of those exploited, humans whose lives are disabled, ruined, destroyed, murdered… all for the mercenary government-medico legislated forced invasive, cruel, disabling murderous human research.